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Aohua receives Endoscopy Award at Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards 2024

SINGAPORE, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the most recent Healthcare Asia Medtech Awards 2024, Aohua Endoscopy, a medical equipment manufacturer, won the Endoscopy Product Innovation Award for creating the Aohua 4K AQ-300 video endoscopy system, which provides a better endoscopic diagnosis and treatment option.

The awards program honors exceptional Asian medical technology businesses that are leading the way in medical device innovation, patient care, and service delivery, thereby impacting the healthcare industry’s transformation.

The AQ-300 is a versatile device that may be utilized in gastrointestinal, ENT, pulmonology, hepatobiliary surgery, urology, and other clinical departments to accomplish a barrier-free rotation because of its great compatibility. It also supports dual-frame displays, allowing for simultaneous monitoring of the same area in modes that include both white light and CBI.

With its five LED light sources, CBI optical chromoendoscopy technology can also provide four chromoendoscopy modes in addition to white light illumination. The delicate structure that is challenging for traditional endoscope to examine can be captured by the solution.

The AQ-300 is equipped with a newly developed image processing system with 4K images to provide more details with a wider color gamut to present colour more realistically and reduce visual error.

It can ensure that the image is clear even at high magnification when used in combination with Aohua’s magnification endoscope. Up to 4 μm can be achieved in the object side resolution. Using precision biopsy sample and the ability to see worrisome spots, doctors can increase the accuracy of early cancer screening.

The AQ-300 system innovates in imaging and intelligence from all levels to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the endoscopic diagnosis, enabling the doctor to treat the patient’s problem in one session, ensure the treatment’s efficacy concurrently, and improve the patient’s therapeutic experience.

About Aohua

As a pioneer in the medical equipment industry, Aohua Endoscopy has demonstrated remarkable strength in the Chinese market and has globalized by establishing R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Munich, and other locations, as well as manufacturing bases and subsidiaries worldwide.

Aohua Endoscopy enhances its international competitiveness by optimizing supply chain management, improving service efficiency, and strengthening its global marketing network to rapidly respond to market demands, aiming to promote Chinese innovation globally.


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