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Bigglz: Bring the character to life

LAS VEGAS, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Korean company Bigglz( will show its character IP and attractive AI technologies at Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2024.

Visitors who come to this expo can experience various AI technologies specialized in the IP industry at the Bigglz booth, such as a psychological counseling chatbot with characters, automatic social media comment generation, motion effect linkage according to conversation content, and image creation through conversation based on a learned character.

Bigglz, which received 1 million USD from the Korean government in November last year for development of a special counseling persona AI agent with a gamification element and establishment of a specialized sLLM, plans to promote its own warm IP characters, AI technologies, and app services incorporated with them and to begin full-fledged expansion of them into the global market by participating in the expo.

Heejung Lee, CEO of Bigglz, said, “It is difficult to expect a super-personalized good chatbot which can prevent an effect of hallucination that is dangerous to younger generations and provide fun and a mental care effect only with an LLM like ChatGPT. However, Bigglz solved this problem with special RAG technology and AI technologies such as prompt engineering. The key to a conversation with a virtual character is to form a natural bond of sympathy. We maximized immersion in the conversation and formation of the bond of sympathy by clearly remembering conversation content of the users and automating production of various character reaction motions through detection of their emotion in the conversation with the chatbot. Through this, although it was a friend created with AI, we were able to make it to provide a natural psychological counseling, and we are solving cost, response speed, security issues, and others by utilizing our own sLLM engine. In this show, we plan to actively propose our partnerships of AI technology and IP licensing to global IP holders,”

They operate Bigglz and Hiing app services based on a specialized persona chatbot technology through generative AI technology, and both services are receiving a good review in the market.

In Korea alone, with 500,000 cumulative downloads, 90,000 MAU, and secured database of over 2.3 million conversations within 1 year and 5 months after its launch, the Bigglz app called Tamagotchi pet in the GTP era is growing rapidly.

Based on the show in Las Vegas, the company plans to begin full-fledged expansion of its app services into regions such as the United States, Southeast Asia, and Brazil.

Recently, it is expanding its business area by proposing a differentiated non-face-to-face mental care solution through launch of Hiing app which is based on a youth mental care chatbot with its new IP Fogni at its core.

Response to six character IPs, another asset of Bigglz, has also increased, and the company recently signed a licensing agreement with a global beauty cosmetics company MPR Brain and is currently producing products for its new brand called MIOMER, which will be introduced for the first time in the United States in July this year.

In addition, Bigglz is rapidly promoting IP partnerships with various brands.

Troy Malone, CEO of Relevant, a global partner, said, “The Bigglz’s AI chatbot will definitely provide fans with an innovative fan experience. Many companies visiting the expo will pay attention to the Bigglz’s unique warm AI technology and IP”

The Las Vegas Licensing Expo will be held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on May 21 – 23 with the Bigglz’s booth at L194.


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