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China’s Yiwu Establishes Welcoming Committee to Attract International Buyers

YIWU, China, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On April 16th, the Yiwu China Commodities City unveiled a new welcoming committee, comprising the region’s top women entrepreneurs, to aid international buyers in sourcing local products. Over 120 skilled businesswomen from the committee will provide tailored one-on-one services, demonstrating the market’s commitment to exceptional customer care.

Yiwu, known for over four decades as a hub of commerce, continues to attract a global clientele, establishing itself as a significant resource for goods and wealth generation. The market’s annual 415 Global Wealth Creation Season features extensive purchasing incentives for buyers. The formation of this high-profile group of female entrepreneurs is a notable effort to elevate service standards during this bustling period.

During this year’s 415 Wealth Creation Season, the Yiwu market is highlighting 20 categories of its most current, trending, and best-selling products, including accessories, bags, cultural items, daily necessities, bedding, and clothing. The market has organized multiple trade-facilitation events including trade exhibitions, new product debuts, and procurement negotiation sessions. Additionally, the offerings are concurrently featured in online joint exhibitions on the Chinagoods platform (, streamlining the purchasing process for business buyers.

As digital trade and AI-enhanced e-commerce continue to reshape global commerce, Yiwu’s merchants are moving beyond traditional business models, which relied heavily on face-to-face interactions, physical exhibitions, and passive online inquiries. They have started to proactively court customers through advanced digital tools, offering a comprehensive one-stop “VVIP” service.

During and following this year’s 415, the welcoming committee, as the newly formed group, plans to take it step further, by fully exploiting online platforms, including leading multi-country social media channels, independent brand websites, and the Chinagoods platform, to tap into current global purchasing trends. They are committed to engaging in real-time, highly targeted interactions with buyers worldwide to ensure timely and effective service. Furthermore, the group of businesswomen are set to enhance their international presence through online videos, live streaming, and other digital communication methods, directly accessing global markets.

The Yiwu market, known globally as the preeminent wholesale market for small commodities, has amassed a comprehensive array of supply chain resources worldwide. Over four decades, it has cultivated an expansive global sourcing network, operating under the “buy globally, sell globally” ethos. The institution of the 415 Wealth Creation Season and this new cadre of entrepreneurial women are critical measures in enhancing the market’s international standing and providing a unique buying experience for global purchasers.


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