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FJ SafeSpace Revolutionises Indoor Air Purification

~ Unveiling the BioZone Photoplasma™ Technology and Air Quality Monitoring Solutions in FJ SafeSpace’s Line of Innovative Products ~

SINGAPORE, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — FJ SafeSpace, a trailblazer in air purification solutions, is revolutionising the industry with its usage of BioZone Advanced Photoplasma™ technology, a key component in their existing line-up of state-of-the-art air purification products and uHoo’s advanced indoor air quality monitoring system.

Transforming Workspaces: BioZone PhotoPlasma™ Air Purification @ Swiss Bank, Singapore

In some instances, indoor air may be worse than outdoor air. A host of health symptoms experienced by many at work or at home are caused by indoor air pollution, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, mould, and even uncomfortable odours. Hence, FJ SafeSpace advocates the importance of keeping the air inside industrial, commercial and residential spaces clean and safe to protect the health of employees and loved ones.

Why BioZone PhotoPlasma™
Why BioZone PhotoPlasma™

BioZone’s patented technology transforms atmospheric air into Cold Oxygen Plasma, also known as Photoplasma™ using a UV-Plasma lamp. Photoplasma™, a highly reactive oxygen species, actively seeks and annihilates airborne contaminants, mirroring the potent purification processes found in nature and serves as an eco- friendly, chemical-free and safe method for breaking down harmful pollutants, and ensuring cleaner air for all.

The advanced Photoplasma™ technology’s uniqueness lies in its ability to quickly and actively tear apart both airborne & surface borne impurities and being able to cover non-airtight spaces and reach even non-UV accessible areas, making it an ideal solution for combatting a wide range of chemical and organic contaminants including yeast, mould, bacteria, fungi, odours and viruses. Through this process, FJ SafeSpace offers a versatile solution for diverse indoor environments and is improving the quality of people’s life in variety of spaces, including homes, offices, malls, hospitals, gyms, hotels, airports and most recently, a leading Swiss private bank in Singapore.

BioZone PhotoPlasma™ air purification systems have also gained recognition from international authoritative organisations including HACCP Australia, SGS Fimko, Underwriters Laboratories, NSF, RoHS and are certified as Reach Compliant, attaining the ISO 14001 certification. Additionally, the Biozone Photoplasma™ technology has also been independently tested by CNRS, The National Scientific Research Center of France, proving its efficacy against the H5 Avian flu virus, by eliminating 99.9998% of the virus in less than 0.44 seconds.

As part of its holistic service, FJ SafeSpace sets a new standard for corporate wellness by monitoring and ensuring the purity of the air breathed by every employee by partnering with uHoo, to offer uHoo Aura, a state-of-the-art SMART air monitoring sensor certified by the Singapore Green Building Council. This solution simplifies the journey for corporations who are seeking to attain green building and sustainability certifications such as LEED, WELL, BREAMM, Fitwell, Green Mark, and RESET, among others. uHoo Aura is designed for seamless integration and syncs with any software or existing Building Management System, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment without the hassle of complex tech upgrades. Through its centralised dashboard via mobile app or web browser, uHoo Aura allows users to track 13 – 15 environmental indicators including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particle pollution, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and virus index, and will be alerted if any of the parameters exceed acceptable thresholds. Appointed as official distributor of uHoo in Singapore, FJ SafeSpace works closely with M&E consultants, property and facilities managers, health and safety officers, and sustainability consultants. FJ SafeSpace has successfully installed 24 units of uHoo Aura smart air monitoring sensors in strategic locations of the Swiss private bank recently.

Satisfied with the recent installation of an air purifying system in my office, as Director and co-founder of KPP Packaging Pte Ltd, Ms. Josephine Low expresses her satisfaction, noting significant improvements in various aspects. She has observed heightened energy levels among her staff and a noticeable decrease in absenteeism due to illnesses in less than a month since installation. Ms. Low firmly believes that the enhanced air quality has become an obvious factor in fostering a healthier and more productive work environment. Additionally, she highlights the disappearance of lingering odours in the pantry as a notable benefit of the system.

“We are immensely proud of the positive impact our BioZone advanced Photoplasma™ technology and uHoo smart air monitoring capabilities have on various sectors. The testimonials from home and business owners alike underscore the efficacy and versatility of our air purification and air quality monitoring solutions,” states Mr Jay Choy, Founder & COD (Chief of Defence – The Indoor Generation) of FJ SafeSpace.

FJ SafeSpace remains at the forefront of innovation, committed to providing solutions that contribute to a safer and healthier world. To find out more on what FJ SafeSpace has to offer, please contact +65 9738 0302, or click here.



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