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How To Keep Trees Healthy On Your Property

We all know that healthy trees are an important part of our landscape and particularly good at beautifying any home. The blogging team gets asked often to do articles on tree and shrub care and maintenance to keep them healthy?

Here are some helpful tips on how to look after and keep your trees healthy for generations to come.

Inspect your trees regularly for any early signs of disease & damage

Regular tree inspections is the most important thing to ensure long term tree health. Look for any physical symptoms like tree rot due to pest infestations or impact damage. Finding tree rot early can help prevent its spread and extend the life of the tree and your enjoyment of it. Visible signs of fungus and discolouration around the tree’s base can be an indication of root rot. Any indication of this needs to be attended to with urgency.

Water your trees deeply and evenly, especially during dry periods

Tree care means more than just hosing the tree in particularly dry and hot periods. They relish deep watering year round and particularly in times of drought. Doing this will make a big difference in the health and resilience of your tree to ward off disease. It cannot be emphasised enough to take the time to give your tree the care & attention it deserves.

Remove dead branches to encourage new growth

The pruning of dead branches cannot be emphasised enough. Removing these promote a healthier tree and new growth. Regular pruning of your tree also helps to improve air circulation through the tree and helps keep disease away. Pruning also helps with the visual appeal to the tree.

Protect the tree’s roots

The importance of taking care of the a trees roots cannot be over emphasised. One of the best ways to protect a tree’s roots is by placing mulch around the base of the tree and over any exposed roots. The mulch provides a natural form of insulation for extreme weather conditions. It also helps retain moisture at the root zone of the tree. Aesthetically, it is also a great way of adding texture and colour to the landscape.

Feed your trees

Regularly spreading fertilizers to your trees can be really beneficial in helping them to acquire the nutrients and minerals they need to achieve maximum health. Manure and organic compost provides a way more natural boost than synthetically created fertilizers. Organic fertilizers also have the added benefit of increasing the water-retention capacity of soils beneath it. This leads to the need for less watering required.

Regularly inspect your tree for bugs and pests

It also goes without saying that home owners need to inspect their trees regularly for bugs and pests that may cause damage to it. Certain beetles and wood moths like to feed on dry rotting wood. Leaf beetles can be present eating away at the leaves. Termites too can bore fast through a tree trunk and branches and cause significant damage if not detected early. Regular checks of your trees are essential if you want to ensure the beauty of the trees on your property are preserved all year round and for decades to come.

Need help to remove a tree?

If a tree has died & you’re looking for a Sydney tree removal specialist, members of the blogging team have had great experiences with MTS Tress Services and recommend you check out their range of tree care and removal services detailed on their website.

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