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‘Mount Tai’ documentary brings Sino-French cultural exchange to Paris

TAIAN, China, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — According to Shandian News reports.

Mount Tai
Mount Tai

A signing ceremony for the international version of the Sino-French co-produced documentary “Mount Tai” was held in Paris, France, on May 2.

The documentary will follow a French host as he explores Mount Tai in Tai’an, seeking out the scenic beauty and human stories related to the magnificent mountain and presenting the unique charm of the mountain and of Chinese culture to the world from a more international perspective.

After the program is completed, it will premiere on mainstream television and new media platforms in France, allowing global audiences to appreciate the charm of Mount Tai and further promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

This joint production can also promote cultural cooperation between the two sides, using the French perspective to bring the natural and cultural beauty of Mount Tai to the French people, promoting cultural exchanges and mutual recognition between the two sides, and strengthening cooperation in various fields to contribute to the Sino-French friendship.


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