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Nuvilab Delivers Keynote at Aramark Innova Summit

SEOUL, South Korea, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nuvilab delivered a keynote at the Aramark Innova Summit 2024. This event, attended by key figures related to Aramark and potential clients, provided a platform for discussing the innovations of AI in the food service industry.

Nuvilab Delivers Keynote Speech at Aramark Innova Summit in Chile
Nuvilab Delivers Keynote Speech at Aramark Innova Summit in Chile

Since the London Protocol of 2006, South Korea has implemented a mandatory composting system. While this infrastructure enables the country to dispose of nearly all its food waste appropriately, residents must transport bags of food to designated curbside bins. Despite being recognized as a pioneer in food waste management, Nuvilab remains committed to addressing this issue and providing solutions globally to achieve net zero emissions.

During the keynote speech, Nuvilab passionately reiterated its mission to innovate the food service industry. It underscored AI, 3D scanning technology, and data analysis as core competencies, reshaping how we think about food waste and nutritional intake linked to individuals’ health care. This global mission is not just about innovation but about inspiring change on a massive scale.

Hugo Henri, International Head of Customer Experience & Innovation, mentioned, “Nuvilab’s innovative solution helps our accounts transform food and food waste into data, generating informed and smarter insights for our operations.”

With the AI Food Scanner, Nuvilab has successfully implemented its services in daycare centers, schools, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias across South Korea and is expanding globally. Their efforts have led to a significant reduction in food waste in these sectors, portraying confidence in their ability to tackle complex issues within the food service industry.

In addition to tackling food waste management globally, Nuvilab aims to offer insights into individual nutritional intake through data analysis for the People, Planet, and Profit in the future.


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