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Zhou Guanyu Takes Center Stage at Shanghai F1 Grand Prix: A Thrilling Home Debut

SHANGHAI, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On April 19th, during the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix, Zhou Guanyu made his eagerly awaited home debut at the Shanghai International Circuit. As China’s first and currently only F1 driver, Guanyu’s popularity rivals that of superstar drivers, and his presence at this event has garnered significant attention. The F1 Grand Prix – one of the world’s top three sporting events – returns to Shanghai after a five-year hiatus. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the F1 Chinese Grand Prix. Shanghai has made extensive preparations for this event, and official tickets were immediately sold out upon release, confirming the event’s popularity among Chinese F1 fans.

The popularity of this once “niche” F1 race has surged in China, especially when Zhou Guanyu races in his hometown. As soon as the race was announced, it caused a stir on Chinese social media. As the only Chinese driver to qualify for Formula 1 thus far and the first Chinese driver ever to score on his Formula 1 debut, the opportunity to race in the Grand Prix in his hometown holds special meaning for the driver as well as the Chinese audience. Zhou Guanyu’s achievement marks a watershed moment in Chinese racing history, with a young Chinese face ranking among the 20 greatest drivers on the planet.

The first Chinese F1 driver has gained significant sway not only within China but also overseas. Every race Zhou Guanyu has competed in has seen many Chinese and foreign fans turn out in droves to support him. Undoubtedly, the influence of the rising Chinese star in the world arena is progressively growing with the return of the Chinese Grand Prix, a racing event with a huge global reach.

Since Zhou Guanyu became China’s first F1 driver, both F1 and his popularity in China have surged, and all connected content has become the center of attention. Zhou Guanyu’s debut in China behind the wheel of a C44 has attracted attention, particularly with the presence of Chinese sponsor AMBPOMIAL prominently displayed on the car.

AMBPOMIAL, launched by Yili Group, ranks No.1 among China’s high-end yogurt brands. With the dual distinction of being “first” in their fields, AMBPOMIAL and Zhou Guanyu began their story as early as 2022 when AMBPOMIAL officially announced Zhou Guanyu as the brand’s ambassador. Zhou Guanyu’s spirit of adventure, embodied in his early training abroad and competitive spirit in the world’s top-speed races, has enabled this young Chinese driver to break through all the way, set new records, and carve out his own legend on the racetrack. The partnership was a natural fit, with AMBPOMIAL’s brand innovation concepts being well-suited to Zhou Guanyu’s youthful, energetic, and adventurous persona.

AMBPOMIAL continues to make technological breakthroughs in the field of yogurt products. In 2023, it launched the industry’s first room-temperature yogurt with active probiotics. AMBPOMIAL’s innovation in the field of room-temperature probiotic yogurt has expanded the market for yogurt, mirroring its spokesperson Zhou Guanyu’s breakthrough from zero to one as a Chinese F1 driver.

With the race in full swing, F1 has become synonymous with Shanghai, transforming the city into a massive marketing platform. AMBPOMIAL launched an extensive marketing campaign for the event, including the launch of the co-branded product with Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber and a large-scale ticket giveaway campaign. These events received an overwhelming social media response, enticing many F1 fans and consumers to participate. This highly commercialized top-level race worldwide is gaining popularity among Chinese fans. Among them are avid fans who have ardently followed the race for decades, crossing numerous time zones to see the event live, as well as young viewers who are wildly passionate about F1. AMBPOMIAL has done an excellent job of extending the brand’s consumer base, reaching out to Chinese F1 fans, and getting closer to becoming a household name among younger consumers through a range of consumer activities.

As a leading brand in China’s yogurt industry, AMBPOMIAL’s foray into motorsports reflects its unique strategic vision, leading the way in sports advertising for the yogurt sector. AMBPOMIAL is also Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber’s sponsor, evidenced by the brand’s prominent placement on the C44 body and tires. By signing China’s first F1 driver, Zhou Guanyu, AMBPOMIAL is solidifying its brand influence in the motorsports industry, forging a closer bond with the younger consumer base, and promoting a new, healthier lifestyle.

As the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix unfolds, Zhou Guanyu’s adventurous journey continues. AMBPOMIAL and Zhou Guanyu epitomize the spirit of adventure, pushing boundaries and setting new “firsts” in their respective fields. AMBPOMIAL’s partnership with Zhou Guanyu enters its third year in 2024, while its partnership with Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber enters its sixth year, having begun in 2019 with the brand’s logo appearing on the team’s cars. We believe that by working together more closely, we can spread this spirit to more Chinese consumers. With increased attention and support, we believe that motorsports will also become more popular in China.


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