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Hotel Management Japan Offers a “Unique Staying Experience” to Guests with Its Exclusive Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Experience Available Only in Japan During This Season

Introducing Three SAKURA Stay Plans Timed with Cherry Blossom Season in Tokyo, Kobe, and Fukuoka

TOKYO, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Operating from its base in Ebisu, situated within the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Hotel Management Japan Co., Ltd., under the leadership of COO Junichi Araki, manages a diverse portfolio of 21 properties across Japan. This includes franchising 14 distinct brands, notably the Oriental Hotel and Hotel Oriental Express (, now part of the Oriental Hotels & Resorts group (https://www.oriental-). The brand’s vision is to offer guests a distinctive experience, aiming to integrate its properties with the local communities to become destinations in their own right. With a guiding principle of “Make Your Story Beautiful,” Oriental Hotels & Resorts and its partner hotel strives to create stays that forge lasting connections and uncover local treasures, providing guests with experiences that touch the heart. 

In Japan, a nation where the changing seasons bring distinct celebrations, the practice of hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, is a beloved springtime tradition. Predictions for this year indicate that the cherry blossoms will begin to show around March 27, heralding a period when the entire country is gradually enveloped in a stunning display of pink blooms. Aligning with this seasonal phenomenon, Oriental Hotels & Resorts has prepared a series of activities and special plans at its facilities in Tokyo, Kobe, and Fukuoka, allowing guests to engage with this cultural event in a manner that is both unique and immersive.

As travel resumes in full swing, free from previous restrictions, Oriental Hotels & Resorts and partner hotel is committed to enhancing the travel experiences of visitors to Japan, offering a blend of traditional hospitality and local engagement that promises a richer, more meaningful journey through the beauty of spring.

Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station
Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station

Three Hotels offering the Japanese Custom of Cherry Blossom Viewing as a “Unique Staying Experience”


◆  Exclusive four-day cherry blossom cruising experience!

At the Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, positioned to offer commanding views over Tokyo Bay, guests are provided with an outstanding resort experience. The hotel distinguishes itself with a unique offering for guests staying in its Executive, Family, and Suite rooms: a complimentary “Cherry Blossom Viewing Cruise in ODAIBA,” scheduled for March 23 (Saturday), 24 (Sunday), 29 (Friday), and 30 (Saturday). This special activity presents an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the Sumida River’s cherry blossoms aboard a leisurely cruise.

The cruise departs from a conveniently located pier in Odaiba Kaihin Park, adjacent to the hotel, for a 90-minute voyage. It offers views of the Rainbow Bridge, a symbol of Odaiba, and sails past key attractions such as Tokyo Tower®, Hamarikyu Gardens, Tokyo Sky Tree®, and Sakura Bashi, celebrated for its cherry blossom vistas along the Sumida River. Furthermore, from March 23 to April 7, the “Cruise Proposal Plan” will allow one couple each day to experience a cherry blossom viewing route designed for unforgettable marriage proposals at one of Tokyo’s prime locations.

Guests will witness the breathtaking transformation of the cherry blossoms from vibrant daytime pink to the enchanting evening glow. The Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is offering this exquisite and luxurious cherry blossom viewing experience, inviting guests to partake in a tradition that has captivated both locals and visitors worldwide.

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
Hilton Tokyo Odaiba


◆  Efforts towards sustainable hanami

Surrounded by water on three sides, the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel stands as a beacon of resort luxury, offering guests immersive experiences that capture the essence of Kobe’s portside charm. The hotel marries stunning panoramas with the sensory pleasures of the sea breeze and the rhythmic sound of steam whistles from nearby ships.

Last Christmas, the hotel lobby was adorned with a unique decoration made from “paper threads,” a sustainable fabric created from recycled paper and underutilized wood, as part of forest thinning initiatives. Advancing this environmentally conscious approach, the hotel has transformed the material into “Cherry Blossom Coasters,” which will be featured in the lobby from March 21 to April 26. This period coincides with the expected cherry blossom season. The coasters are treated with the “nokori-zome” dyeing process, utilizing second-generation cherry trees from Gifu Prefecture’s Neo region, renowned for its light-reddish blossoms.

The hotel extends an invitation to guests to experience the cherry blossoms through this sustainable lens, embodying a collective wish for the enduring beauty and legacy of Japan’s most cherished floral emblem.


◆  Excellent Access to the Hotel! Enjoy a Special Hanami Experience in the Privacy of a Unique Room, Exclusive to One Room per Day 

A mere minute’s walk from JR Hakata Station and just five minutes via subway from Fukuoka Airport, the Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station is positioned as a prime choice for travelers seeking both convenience and proximity. This season, the hotel is unveiling the “SAKURA-Sakura Room Accommodation Plan,” from March 25 to April 24, offering guests a singular experience centered around the Japanese cherry blossom viewing tradition. This specially themed room is adorned with cherry blossom motifs, offering a bright and expansive setting for guests to indulge in the hanami spirit indoors. This initiative caters to those looking for a private and serene way to enjoy the cherry blossoms, away from the unpredictability of weather and the bustle of crowds. Availability is exclusive to one room per day, making it a coveted option for those wishing to embrace the spring season with family, friends, and cherished ones in a beautifully curated environment.

This spring, we invite you to enjoy an unforgettable and special SAKURA hotel stay at an Oriental Hotels & Resorts and partner property.

About Oriental Hotels & Resorts

Oriental Hotels & Resorts, a hotel franchise operated by Hotel Management Japan Co., aims to offer guests a unique staying experience and to develop hotels that serve as tourist destinations in harmony with the local community. The franchise oversees 14 hotels across Japan, including notable properties such as the “Oriental Hotel” and “Hotel Oriental Express,” encompassing a total of 3,940 guest rooms. Additionally, the “CLUB ORIENTAL” loyalty program provides enticing benefits and exclusive plans for members, without requiring any admission or membership fees.


About Hotel Management Japan

Hotel Management Japan, Inc. is a hotel management company that operates 22 hotels across Japan, boasting a total of 6,438 guest rooms. The company employs a workforce of 2,560. Beyond its proprietary brands, Oriental Hotel and Hotel Oriental Express, it also manages and operates a diverse range of hotels, including prestigious names such as Hilton, Sheraton, and Hotel Nikko (as of April 2024).


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