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Regent Taipei Introduces its “Sustainable Meetings” Package: Where Nature Inspires Eco-Meetings and Guests’ Well-being

TAIPEI, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Regent Taipei has prioritized ESG and guest well-being since its grand opening in 1990. Its main banquet hall features floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the entire room in natural light throughout the day, enhancing guests’ well-being. This unique banquet hall spatial design, combined with a range of sustainable environmental services, offers a “Sustainable Meetings” and conference experience unlike any other venue.

Regent Taipei's ballroom was built with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light to fill the whole room all day.
Regent Taipei’s ballroom was built with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light to fill the whole room all day.

The highlight of the “Sustainable Meetings” package lies in the conference space. It is designed to create a friendly environment and enhance attendees’ alertness and overall well-being. The banquet hall’s expansive two-story floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of a green park, which complement the venue’s eco-conscious setup featuring plastic-free and disposable-free decorations, traceable food sources, and rejuvenating mid-session activities. This holistic approach enables guests to come together in promoting environmental sustainability and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The conference package accommodates groups of 20 or more starting at NT $1,180 per person.

Regent Taipei hosts approximately 600 conferences every year, with around 80,000 attendees, focusing on sustainable development as a key management goal. By offering eco-friendly meeting spaces and services, the hotel not only helps businesses meet their sustainability goals when hosting seminars or events, but also meets its own sustainability standards, benefiting the hotel, businesses, attendees, and the environment.

The newly introduced “Sustainable Meetings” package goes beyond just the basics. Regent Taipei has swapped out flowers for potted herbs, plastic bottles for glass cups, and paper agendas for digital ones, saving an estimated 70% of paper usage, and saving 140,000 sheets of paper and 2.07 tons of tree felling annually. Plus, the conference meals are all about 100% local ingredients, reducing food mileage, carbon footprint, and supporting Taiwanese farmers. From Changhua purple sweet potato to Donggang fish roe dumplings, attendees will all get a taste of culinary delights across all of Taiwan. In terms of well-being, the hotel has collaborated with Tai Chi masters, yoga instructors, and spa aromatherapists develop programs that keep minds and bodies refreshed during breaks, making conferences a whole lot more enjoyable.

Additionally, the conference package offers urban exploration itineraries, allowing attendees to take a sightseeing bus tour of Taipei while tasting local cuisine and soaking in the city’s vibrant culture. The hotel is also collaborating with the sustainable travel brand “WALK in TAIWAN,” certified with the Green Travel Label, to design a series of cultural exploration tours led by professional guides, allowing attendees to experience Taipei’s history, culture, and modern vitality.

Regent Taipei is the first member of the global sustainable tourism certification organization EarthCheck in Taiwan. The hotel aligns with international certification standards in ten aspects of sustainable development, including greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and conservation, ecosystem protection, and social and cultural management. With their commitment to sustainability and certification from EarthCheck, Regent Taipei is leading the way in green tourism. The “Sustainable Meetings” package is just one more step towards a greener, happier planet.

For more details, please contact: 2523-8000 ext. Banquet Department
Or visit our official website at: www.regenttaiwan.com
Regent Taipei Address: No. 3, Ln. 39, Sec. 2 ZhongShan N. Rd.


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