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SMOROBOT Launches Revolutionary Valor Series Intelligent Pool Cleaning Robots

Unmatched Cleaning Experience with Advanced AI Technology

BEIJING, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On 28 March 2024, SMOROBOT officially unveiled the ValorTM series of intelligent robotic pool cleaners (hereinafter “Valor”), setting a new standard in automated pool cleaning and maintenance.

With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), robots have become an integral part of our daily lives. The introduction of cleaning robots for pool settings has significantly enhanced the modern lifestyle, offering a blend of intelligence, ease, and premium experience. Valor, a revolutionary intelligent cordless robotic pool cleaner from SMOROBOT, is forged from the accumulated experience and insights garnered from the Tank series. The new Valor lineup emerges from years of extensive technological expertise, industry insights, and creative industrial design. It represents a major leap forward in pool cleaning technology, ushering in transformative changes in functionality.

Autonomous Pool Cleaner with Powerful Suction and Underwater Vision System

Leveraging years of industry experience and innovation, SMOROBOT introduces the Valor Series Intelligent Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, a new model featuring a TornadoTM suction system with an impressive 8000GPH extreme suction motor, complemented by four roller brushes at both the front and rear, and a double-layer ultra-fine filter basket. The cleaner is engineered to capture every speck of debris in the pool – leaves, fine sand, algae, stones, hair, and more – ensuring comprehensive cleanliness. The groundbreaking anti-clogging runner design addresses the perennial issue of clogged filtration systems and cleaning pipes found in traditional pool cleaners, allowing for uninterrupted and efficient operation.

Valor stands out not only for boasting the most powerful cleaning suction system in the industry, but also for its innovative motor power adaptive deployment system. The system automatically adjusts the robot’s travel and brush rotation speeds when encountering dirtier pool areas, optimizing suction power for unparalleled cleaning performance.

Alongside the groundbreaking Valor, SMOROBOT debuts its TridentTM underwater vision system, a first-of-its-kind integration of cutting-edge underwater detection and visual recognition technologies. Trident sets a new standard with its capabilities, including underwater 3D mapping, stain identification and positioning, obstacle avoidance, and path planning. By seamlessly integrating cameras, lasers, sonar, IMU, and other sensors, it accurately identifies the type, intensity, and location of pool stains. Trident then automatically generates a 3D pool map uses intelligent algorithms to optimize cleaning paths for the pool’s floor, walls, waterline, and steps, elevating the cleaning process to new level of efficiency. Furthermore, the directional cleaning capabilities allow it to intelligently assess dirt levels and adjust the cleaning strategy accordingly, ensuring the highest degree of cleaning efficiency.

Reliable, All-Terrain Pool Cleaning for Diverse Settings

Henry Pu, CEO of SMOROBOT, commented, “Recognizing the complexities of pool cleaning, our mission has been to revolutionize this task through AI technology. Our products are crafted to elevate lifestyles around the globe, offering everyone the luxury of effortless Clean.”

With the launch of the Valor Series Robotic Pool Cleaner, SMOROBOT has significantly enhanced the user experience. The product has been meticulously designed and continuously optimized, not only in terms of its exceptional performance and reliability but also in the innovations of its hardware and software. Every detail underscores SMOROBOT’s unwavering commitment to pool cleaning technology, while every innovation reflects a deep understanding of user needs. Valor now sets a new standard for functionality among pool cleaning robots worldwide, revolutionizing the industry with its groundbreaking capabilities.

Valor demonstrates exceptional adaptability to all terrains, capable of handling cleaning duties in a wide array of pool shapes and sizes. No matter the contour, whether diamond-shaped, bowl-shaped, rectangular or for diving, the series adapts to fulfill the unique cleaning requirements of all users. The tracked drive chassis with brushes ensures efficient wall cleaning, while the adaptive suction system maintains robust adhesion to walls no matter the material. This adaptability addresses the cleaning requirements of both the wall and waterline in all pool types.

The 10,400mAh removable battery boasts an impressive running time of up to 180 minutes per charge. The wide range of cleaning modes cater to a wide range of scenarios, including a Weekly Timer Mode for a “charge once, clean for a week” convenience, along with Standard, Rapid, and Professional Cleaning modes tailored to specific pool environments. Activating and switching between modes is effortless, with a simple button click. Once the cleaning operation is complete, the robot automatically returns to its starting position, and users can conveniently track the cleaning status through the accompanying app.

Given the necessity of pool robots to operate underwater for extended periods, they must be highly reliable in navigating complex and sometimes unclear underwater environments. The Valor series has undergone rigorous testing, enduring over 1,000 hours of operation in dirty conditions. They have achieved numerous professional certifications, including CE, FCC, RCM, REACH and ROHS certifications, etc. The batteries come with a full suite of six safety features, including short-circuit protection, overcharge protection, discharge over-temperature protection, charging over-temperature protection, charging low-temperature protection, and water ingress protection, ensuring a safe, worry-free, and superior intelligent pool cleaning experience for users worldwide.


Focused on the philosophy of “Power of Effortless Clean”, SMOROBOT specializes in pool cleaning, offering comprehensive solutions from R&D to commercialization. With long-term technical accumulation, industry experience, and product innovation, SMOROBOT has achieved cable-free, highly intelligent pool-cleaning robots with versatile, automated solutions for global customers. With design and maintenance centers in the US, Europe, and China, SMOROBOT ensures localized rapid customer services, continually delivering exceptional experiences and solutions worldwide.

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